call for proposals
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Below is the call for proposals for the LXDEA conference.
We are no longer taking submissions.

About the Convivencia

Calling all LXDEA Alliance members, We are looking forward to seeing you at our first official in person gathering at James Madison University on April 12-14, 2024 . LXDEA Convivencia 2024: Belonging y Testimonio is a one-of-a-kind, in person event where Latinx-identifying dance educators will come together to inspire, connect, learn, create, and be in convivencia in a welcoming space. We will share critical conversations, disrupt boundaries, and collectively explore the future needs of our comunidades. It's time to gather in identidad and collaborate toward a brighter future for Latinx dance educators.  

We hope that you will consider submitting a proposal in response to this call for nuestra gente to shape and facilitate this first Convivencia! Feel free to share this calling with collegas who are not yet members of the alliance.

Submission forms and instructions are available in English and Spanish.


LXDEA is interested in curating a Convivencia for and by us, us being Latinx identifying dance educators across a rich, diverse and representative range of nuestra comunidad. We envision a Convivencia that disrupts typical “conference” norms that were not created with nuestra gente nor nuestras culturas in mind. We invite proposal submissions that likewise seek to disrupt typical conference norms and center our ways of being, for example, gathering together in pláticas, sharing in dance and dance pedagogical methods together, or facilitating identity-affirming learning experiences.  LXDEA considers “dance” and “dance education” to be openly considered concepts. We welcome multiplicities and multidisciplinarity in the consideration of dance, as we recognize that dance in many of nuestra comunidades is interconnected with ceremony, ritual, music, regalia, sculpture, and more. Please compose your proposal in relationship to any of the questions below, or state a question your proposal centers:

How do we practice being human together, as Latinx identifying dance educators, and with our students and communities?
How do we make nuestras culturas e identidades present in the classroom/studio/dance learning space, and what are your lived practices of doing this in your own dance education context?
How are you navigating your identity/identities, culture(s), and lived experiences as a Latinx/e/a/o in dance education settings?
What does our community need, or need to reckon with, in order to better build togetherness and belonging inside itself, and what are your ideas or lived practices for getting us there?
What does our community need in order to better build togetherness and belonging inside the field of dance education, and what are your ideas or lived practices for getting us there?
What does the field of dance education need to acknowledge, reckon with, and re-culture in order to equitably welcome and include Latinx/e/a/o dance educators and students, and what are your ideas or experiences for bringing about this transformation?
What are your strategies and dreams for dance education now and in the future generations that you wish to share con nuestra comunidad?

Submit a proposal of less than 500 words or 5 minutes, including an imagined organizational flow for your session. We welcome proposals in a range of formats, including written, video, and audio recorded proposals. See below for the session formats LXDEA is interested in and able to support.

What LXDEA Can Support:

We will be supporting a rich, representative range in identities, dance forms, and culturas in those proposals we will accept. We can support a range of languages used in the proposals. Spanish and English are the languages we currently have the capacity to support and beyond that, we will use a translation service like Google translate for any other language used in your proposal. We welcome your submissions in any language and we may or may not be able to secure interpretation/translation services for your presentation at the Convivencia itself. Access needs that LXDEA can support: The Forbes center is fully accessible for wheelchairs as is the hotel. We may be able to support American Sign Language interpretation and would have to know in advance to best support those needs.

What to Submit:

Please use this Google Form to submit the following information for a complete proposal submission:

Pronouns you would like us to refer to you by
What does convivencia mean to you? ("We will share your response to these prompts through our social media platforms and email campaigns to generate interest and excitement about our LXDEA Convivencia 2024: Belonging y Testimonio.")
Any affiliations you would like to acknowledge
Email for communications with LXDEA Convivencia
Tell us how your identity/identities have shaped your experience as a dance educator.
Title of Session
Proposal of no more than 500 words, if in a written format, or 5 minutes if audio or video recorded
Session format(s) you prefer (see below)
Preferred amount of time for session: minimum 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours.
Any other needs you envision having for the successful facilitation of your session, such as interpreters for language(s) other than spoken English, space/Land access needs, technology needs, material needs, etc.
Optional: link to your website or social media to learn about you & your work.

Session Formats

Facilitating….movement classes/workshops/experiences
Singing circles
Sharing our dance forms
Affinity spaces
Visual/Artistic Presentations or Sharings
Interactive Workshops
Self-curated roundtables (or working group round tables)
Critical Conversations
Dance Moments
Additional, please describe _______